Why Rocket Retail

Rocket Retail is the ultimate sales driven ecommerce platform designed to not only attract more visitors to your site – but to turn those into more sales!

Since 2002, Rocket Retail has been powering ecommerce solutions and giving etailers the powers they need to provide a cohesive and search engine optimised online store.

The power is in your hands

Rocket Retail uses a powerful templating system that allows you to completely customize the look and feel of your site, and a simple-to-use and powerful content management system to manage the content. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

You can design all your own graphics, buttons, navigational items and upload them instantly.

It’s 100% built for the australian market

Most other ecommerce platforms pitched as ‘Australian’ weren’t even born in Australia! Many are just the same ‘off the shelf’ system rebranded for the Australian market. Rocket Retail is very unique in that its a proprietary system and is 100% developed and supported in Australia. This greatly benefits both you as the merchant, and your customers.

  • It’s supported by us in Australia, not some distant country in another time zone or language
  • The flexible shipping options are ideal for customising shipping rates for Australian territories and states
  • It exclusively favours Australian payment gateways, search engines, comparison shopping sites and is widely supported and backed up by our portfolio of designers

Zero financial risk, you can’t lose!

Rocket Retail gives you a genuinely free 14 day trial of our software, with very few limitations of use. You can see exactly how your store will look and feel before you launch it.

If you’re not completely sure that our platform meets your requirements both now and in the future then it won’t cost you anything. We don’t take your credit card details when you join the free trial, nor will a sales person bug you on the phone. It’s entirely up to you!

Even better, once you do decide to run with Rocket then it will only cost $99.95 to take your site live for accepting online orders. And with one simple monthly plan of just $99.95 (with no long term contracts!) its a no brainer. Then after 30 days if you are still not happy with Rocket Retail and want to pull the plug, then we’ll refund your money in full – no questions asked.

It’s a proven formula for success

The key to making money selling online can’t be reduced to a few bullet points. We understand this, because we’re running some of Australia’s most successful online stores.

You can’t compare ecommerce platforms just by ‘ticking all the boxes’ from a features list. Our philosophy for success is based on an understanding that there needs to be a synergy between all the elements of your ecommerce platform. Each part must work with the rest – in harmony, but ultimately enhancing the whole system.

When you choose Rocket Retail, you inherit our proven internet sales success formula. Please don’t fall for the assumption that every ecommerce platform is created equal. What sets them apart is their demonstrated, commercially proven success in the market they were aimed at. This is why we believe you should choose Rocket Retail for your ecommerce foundation.