Most other ecommerce platforms pitched as ‘Australian’ weren’t even born in Australia! Many are just the same ‘off the shelf’ system rebranded for the Australian market. Rocket Retail is very unique in that its proprietary system (i.e. not available anywhere else under another name) is 100% developed and supported in Australia. This greatly benefits both you as the merchant, and your customers.

  • It’s supported by us in Australia, not some distant country in another time zone and language.
  • The flexible shipping options are ideal for customising shipping rates for Australian territories and states.
  • It exclusively favours Australian payment gateways, search engines, comparison shopping sites etc and is widely supported and backed up by our portfolio of web designers.

Sales of new refurbished ASUS Notebooks, Netbooks and Tablets, along with various accessories.

The newest Rocket Retail site, ASUS Notebooks was delivered quick to market in order to quickly provide customers with new and refurbished ASUS notebooks, netbooks and tablets.

The search engine optimisation features of Rocket Retail has helped ASUS Notebooks to quickly become a very high search result when looking for ASUS products.


Specialising in AV Brackets, Mounts and Accessories

As one of the first new businesses launched on the new Rocket Retail eCommerce platform, Mega Mounts has already exceeded initial sales targets set by the store owner!

The combination of easy product management and the powerful search engine optimisations which are an inherent part of the shopping system, have made Rocket Retail the perfect shopping cart solution for launching this business venture into an already competitive marketplace.

Clear and intuitive website navigation coupled with a simple ‘Free Shipping Australia Wide’ policy make the site a breeze to understand for new customers. The order processing interface in the Rocket Retail Administration complete with batch label printing means processing orders is a straight-forward affair as order numbers steadily grow!


Specialising in used video games.

Replay Games stands head and shoulders above all other computer game retail ecommerce sites in Australia in terms of its overall appeal, depth of product information and fitness for purpose. With a genre that is traditionally very competitive on the internet in terms of keyword searching. The Rocket Retail technology allowed each individual product page to appear as a static HTML file which is readily spidered by search engines like Google.

This has meant that when shoppers type in a specific game title, Replay Games appears in many cases as the number one position. In addition to the search engine friendliness of the products, the customer also leveraged the built-in affiliate program with great success to encourage other sites to refer customers for a small fixed percentage of sales.


Specialising in the treatment of Sleep Apnoea.

CPAP Australia sells proprietary advanced sleep apnoea and snoring prevention products, including cpap machines, masks, accessories and consumables. The site has a simple and functional look that takes maximum advantage of the additional product information and content management features of Rocket Retail.

Additional photos are extensively used on the site to support the product information, and Frequently Asked Questions and other content is used to attract visitors. Taking advantage of the content management tools in the administration area of Rocket Retail allowed CPAP to add unlimited supporting material relating to the snoring condition.

This is important for several reasons. Firstly, many people use the internet for research on these types of conditions which mean that interested parties are directed to the site on Google and other search engines. Secondly, the use of unique content on your website is greatly encouraged by search engines, and rewarded with higher search engine placements.


Sexy lingerie with express delivery Australia wide.

Spice Lingerie is a great example of a crisp, clean site design that is both stylish and practical. The custom designed home page neatly displays available sizes in clear and concise categories.

Clicking through to products reveals multiple clickable additional photos, and the emphasis throughout the site is on its generous free shipping policy. All of this was achieved with a standard implementation of Rocket Retail.

With Rocket Retail, you are not limited in the amount of content you can add to your website such as news articles, supporting material, newsletters, white papers or other documents. You can edit every part of the website instantly and easily, meaning no extra costs for webs designers or programmers to modify content.

Do it all yourself using the administration section of Rocket Retail, meaning you have full control over your site without reliance on others.


Cheap Hi-Fi cables including DVI, Component & HDMI cables.

Cable Chick specialises in high quality Analog & Digital Cabling products like DVI, Component, Optical & HDMI Cables. They have just about everything for the home entertainment room, or a professional home theatre system integrator!

Cable Chick ensures that cables, connectors & adaptors are delivered fast to your door anywhere in Australia, including Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Canberra and Perth. Choose from the vast inventory of home theatre cable products including HDMI Cables, Digital Fibre Optic leads, DVI Cables, Component Leads, SVHS Connectors, VGA Cables & USB Cables plus a huge assortment of AV Switch boxes for your every need!


Cheap flash memory products for digital cameras and storage.

Cheap Chips has the largest range of SD Cards, USB Drive, Memory Cards, Flash Drive, Micro SD Cards, Mini SD Cards, SDHC Cards, Micro SDHC, Compact Flash Cards, Digital Photo Frames and Photo Book products available. They only stock genuine brands and sell them for a price which is consistently lower than major retailers.

From Cheap Chips you can buy memory cards, sd cards, sdhc cards, micros sd cards compact flash cards and many other memory products, including photo books.


Herbal highs and energy supplements.

Xtreme Herbs was established in 2003, with their warehouse based in Brisbane. Their philosophy was to offer ‘hard to find’ and exotic herbs direct to the consumer, at wholesale prices.

These include herbs and vitamins for general health in addition to mood enhancers and stimulants containing the likes of caffeine, guarana and kava. As these types of products are widely searched on the internet, there existed a unique opportunity to take advantage of the search engine friendliness of the URL’s utilised in the Rocket Retail eCommerce system.

This meant that customers searching for specific herbs can often find Xtreme Herb’s products in the first few pages of Google results and on NineMSN. Xtreme Herbs continues to be ‘xtremely’ successful and was recently featured in May 2006 on Channel Nines Footy Show where members of the cast sampled some of the Kava products!