Design Solutions

We will design and build a unique Rocket Retail powered website that is highly effective in getting across to your audience and selling more product for you. Our focus is on a site design that is suitable for your target market, while at the same time maximising your sales by giving you high conversion rates of visitors to sales.

We offer an all inclusive package which ensure your website has the impact and right look for your target audience. Customers visiting your site will have the confidence to complete orders because your site will look professional and suitable for your market.

Design process

  • Comprehensive design and layout consultation with the Rocket Retail designer covering all aspects such as preferred colour schemes, target market, layout considerations and working with any existing look & feel you may have
  • Design of all necessary buttons such as add to cart, view cart, purchase now, and more.
  • Custom design of site elements such as headers, side bar, category view, and more
  • Design of site assets such as header graphics and page headings

The Rocket Retail design solution is really suitable for any new online store regardless of size. It’s not limited in any way, and many Rocket Retail designed sites have gone on to be market leaders in offering weak, watered down solutions. Your store will look as professional and appealing as leading Australian e-commerce stores.


Please note that the Rocket Retail design solution doesn’t include, but is available as an added extra:

  • Search engine optimisation or marketing advice
  • Copywriting
  • Logo design